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すすむ屋茶店 とは
About "Susumuya Tea Shop"


Susumuya tea shop was founded in 2012 in Uenosono-cho, Kagoshima (Satsuma) which is famous for Japanese teas and is also famous for having various patriots in the end of the Edo period.
Kotaro Shinbara, the founder of Susumuya, was born into a family of Japanese tea vendors who have sold teas in Kagoshima for decades. Nijiro Shinbara, Kotaro's grandfather, is famous for "being a father of Kagoshima brand teas" as Nijiro contributed to the development of Kagoshima brand teas
The reason why Kotaro decided to open "Susumuya" was that he realized how great all Japanese teas are after being away from Kagoshima. He wanted to share the wonders of Japanese teas with others, so Susumuya only sells the finest of Japanese teas.
Like people, each tea leaf has a different "characteristic". Susumuya thinks that those characteristics are necessary in producing the finest of Japanese teas. People are an important step in producing great Japanese teas. It is very important to have highly trained and knowledgeable people as part of this process. Susumuya has been actively training and educating future "Japanese tea experts", such as tea farmers, tea appraisers, and tea roasters on how to carefully produce the best Japanese teas.

What does "Susumuya" stand for?


"Positive Progress" has been a motto for Sinbara's wholesale tea shop for many years. "Susumu" means progress in Japanese, so Kotaro named his company and store "Susumuya," and Susumuya also would like to share this motto with customers by sharing with them the full satisfaction of experiencing Susumuya's teas.
Since Susumuya is a "Cha-ten (=tea chop)" which is a place of recreation and relaxation, people can gather to Susumuya to chat with each other and the staff. Therefore, Kotaro named the store "Susumuya Cha-ten."

Susumuya's Japanese Teas



Japanese teas have various "faces" based on the soil or varieties of tea leaves, and the method of manufacturing and roasting those tea leaves.
Susumya has not only been growing but also looking for the finest of tea leaves, which possess certain essential characteristics. The tea farmers nurture those tea leaves with strong and unique characteristics. The tea appraisers search for and discover the tea leaves with unique characteristics. The tea roasters extract this uniqueness from the tea leaves. The finest tea leaves are produced when these people and teas meet. To grow, determine, and extract the characteristics of the teas. Susumuya would love to give all people a feeling of calm and relaxation in their daily lives, even if for a short time. Susumuya wants those experiences to be made unforgettable by the best teas. This is the vision of Susumuya; who we are, and our purpose.

Enjoy the finest of Japanese teas with Susumuya!

History of Susumuya

平成24年8月 幕末に多くの志士を生み出した鹿児島市上之園町にて創業。
平成24年11月 鹿児島市上之園町にすすむ屋茶店1号店OPEN。煎茶こくまろ等の販売もこの時から。
平成24年11月  ash06サツマデザインアンドクラフトフェア初出店。
平成24年12月 すすむ屋茶店 webshop オープン
平成25年6月 第1回山口利枝器展
平成27年1月 デザイナーに大治将典氏を迎え日本茶を楽しみきる道具の開発「すすむ屋茶具」プロジェクトをスタートさせる
平成27年9月 ストッキストエキシビジョン初出店。すすむ屋茶具が初めて世の中に
平成28年2月 てててトレーダーズエキスポ初出店
平成28年9月 すすむ屋茶店 東京自由が丘店 OPEN

Aug, 2012 Established "Susumu-shoten Co., Ltd." in Uenosono-cho, Kagoshima which is famous for various patriots during the end of the Edo period
Nov, 2012 Opened 1st branch of Susumuya-Chaten, in Uenosono-cho, Kagoshima. Started selling Susumuya brand of Sencha (Kokumaro) and also some other tea leaves.
Nov, 2012 Had Sold Susumuya teas and tea goods at the "ash 06 Satsuma Design and Craft Fair"
Dec, 2012 Opened the online store "Susumuya tea shop"
Jun 2013 Had 1st pottery exhibition of Rie Yamaguchi at Susumuya Tea shop
Jan 2015 Started to produce "Susumuya Original Tea Goods" (Such as Original Tea Pots/ Tea Cups etc...) with Masanori Oji, a product designer.
/Sep 2015 Had 1st original tea goods exhibit and also sold them and Susumuya teas at the "Stoxist Exhibition."
Sep 2016 Opened the "Susumuya tea shop" at Jiyugaoka Tokyo

About Our Company

代表取締役 新原光太郎
設立 平成24年8月1日
資本金 300万円
取引金融機関 鹿児島銀行、南日本銀行、(五十音順)
本社所在地 鹿児島市上之園町27-13
電話 099‐251‐4141

President  Kotaro Shinbara
Foundation  August 1st, 2012
Capital 3 Million Yen
Main Bank  Kagoshima Bank, Minami Nippon Bank
Head office 27-13 Uenosono-cho, Kagoshima
Tel +81-99-251-4141




すすむ屋茶店 鹿児島

すすむ屋茶店 鹿児島

Tel 099-251-4141



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